About Us

JC Residency is renowned as one of the Best Hotels in Madurai, offering guests a wide array of comforts and services. We desire to serve our guests with all the comforts and facilities they have been searching for. Located at the heart of the city, JC Residency is a top choice hotel for most corporate and leisure travellers. We are among one of the finest inclusion in the conglomeration of luxury boutique hotels in Madurai. Apart from accommodation, the hotel acts as an artistic centre with exhibitions of painting, photography and presentations that will surely make your stay enjoyable and memorable. The concept of the place combines artwork with an exquisite multi-cuisine restaurant.

At JC Residency, even with a cup of delicious coffee in incredibly warm atmosphere among complete strangers, but very friendly people you will feel truly happy. The conditions that are present were created for business people to talk and do business, free Wi-Fi internet access, improved lighting in the workplace. Contemporary styling, affable service and distinctive southern appeal are some of our addendums that let you relax, unwind and refresh to the fascinating hues of a vibrant heritage native to the city also known as the "The Athens of the East".


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