Located less than a kilometre away from scenic valley views of Kodaikanal and the picturesque Kodaikanal lake, JC Residency is considered one of the best hotel and resorts in Kodaikanal. Surrounded with lush green mountains, valleys and breathtaking views brings down the stress levels, relaxes you and usually delivers more than you would expect at regular venues.

JC Residency Kodaikanal has rooms as well as suites which are in harmony with the best elements of nature. At JC residency you could enjoy exceptional room services, basic facilities, as well as a garden courtyard, which completes your travel and stay experience.

Kids Area

Most parents look for a safe and secure place where they can leave their children for as long as they want without paying for the babysitter.  JC Residency provides exactly the same ideal place where the children enjoy their freedom while the parents enjoy theirs, without safety concerns dogging their minds. JC Residency has play area for children games and indoor activities.

  • Garden
  • Garden 2
  • Garden 3
  • Garden 4
  • Garden 5
  • Exterior View
  • Kids Play Area
  • Kids Play Area 1
  • Kids Play Area 2
  • Kids Play Area 3
  • Kids Play Area 4